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Thursday Twins: Listen to Torii Hunter and you too can lead the league

Are Buxton and Sano busts? Will the Twins regret the draft picks they lost this year? Should minor leaguers unionize? Why did the MLB buy its ball-maker?

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Links are the gift that keeps giving, so here are some, from me to you.

  • Torii Hunter gave Eduardo Escobar some advice, and Escobar has capitalized on it. Thanks to his former teammate’s suggestion, Escobar is currently leading the league in doubles. This story is awesome, if for no other than both players are pretty awesome.
  • Is time running out for a couple of our young players? ESPN seems to think so. They looked at ten highly hyped players who haven’t performed as expected in the major leagues, and a couple Twins are on their list. So what do you think, is it time to move on from Buxton and/or Sano?
  • Derek Wetmore at 1500 ESPN looked at the two draft picks the Twins gave up in remaking their starting pitching staff over the last few months, and what they turned into. I think it was worth it, but you guys know I’m a Lance Lynn fan-boy.
  • Marc Normandin, over at the SB Nation mothership, did what he does best, and wrote a long-form piece about the reasons why there is no MiLB union. Compared to anything, but specifically to unionized minor-league hockey, the baseball players are getting screwed. Its a good read, while not specifically Twins related.
  • The MLB is now an owner of Rawlings sporting goods. Rawlings supplies the official baseballs to the league, and that was an express reason for the purchase. After being accused of baseballs changing, and the specifications being too loose, the MLB now has total control over the balls they will receive. There is a joke in here somewhere, but I’m not sure I want to find it.