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Tuesday Twins: Byron Buxton might not be coming back

We’ve got updates on all the injured Twins, plus some Ed news.

Texas Rangers v Minnesota Twins
It’s okay. We sent Buxton to a nice farm in New York with plenty of room to run.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

We’ve made it to Tuesday! Pat yourself on the back and check out the links:

  • Byron Buxton is still on rehab assignment in Triple-A ha ha, no, he was activated and optioned already. Forgot about that. But, if you’re hoping he’ll be back soon, you might not want to finish reading this sentence, because the Twins are considering keeping him in Triple-A for awhile. (Oops, you might have already read the headline.)
  • In case you forgot (and you probably did), the Twins signed pitcher Michael Pineda last off season, but he’s busing recovering from Tommy John surgery. Apparently things are going well! According to Mike Berardino, he could begin a rehab assignment on August 1st.
  • Speaking of injured pitchers, the Twins plan to start Ervin Santana today in Double-A Chattanooga, according to Brian Hall. Santana had a bit of a setback in his recovery from hand surgery, but it looks like he could be back after the All Star break.
  • The Twins recently signed minor league pitcher Felix Jorge. If you’re thinking, “Hey, didn’t we already have Fleix Jorge?” don’t worry, you’re not going insane, because we did. The Twins just DFAed him and re-signed him because of some obscure rule or something.
  • ESPN wrote about the one player every team should trade before the deadline, and for the Twins it was Eduardo Escobar. I know Escobar has been playing well and will become a free agent after this season anyway, but we’re supposed to be getting more Eds for the team not giving them away!