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Monday Morning Minnesota: Depression thy name is “Twins”

Smile! It is Monday!

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox
Even Ed gets upset sometimes :(
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! The Twins might be depressing but look on the bright side! As a distraction they are probably still less depressing than your life.

Today’s soundtrack is Lavender Town.

Who puts a cemetery in a tower, really? That was someone’s business model. Every like 25th dead Pokemon someone wants buried (and these are basically cockfights so I imagine they die all the time.) you need to build a new floor, on your tower, haunted by ghosts. And how thick is the floor between levels? More than six feet? Is there dirt or do they just cement your Sandshrew into a support beam? Too many flaws in this idea. Get it together Lavender Town Better Business Bureau!