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Game C (100): Twins at Blue Jays. Ervin Returns

Ervin Santana is back, and wow it’s game 100 already!

American League Wild Card Game - Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Ervin really wasn’t injured. He’s been spending this time learning how to properly do the Safety Dance.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
  • First Pitch: 3:07 PM CDT
  • TV: FSNO
  • Radio: WCCO 830, TIBN
  • Know Thine Enemy: Bluebird Banter

Ervin Santana will make his 2018 debut today against the Blue Jays after having surgery in the offseason to remove calcium deposits in his middle finger.

Santana’s return is about three months behind the original expected time frame. His absence has undoubtedly hurt the Twins after turning in one of his best seasons last year, earning an All Star selection and leading the team to a playoff spot.

Santana will have a lot riding on this and his next start as the Twins decide if they can make an unlikely playoff push or not. Also with Santana’s contract ending after this season, the Twins will eventually have to decide whether or not to execute his $14 million team option for 2019. The team could also buy out his option for $1 million and release him if performance is not up to par.

Another reason why Santana’s next starts have importance is that he could potentially be a valuable trade commodity. Being owed less than $5 million for the remainder this season, and with his contract option for next season, he could be enticing for a contender looking for a reliable starter. The Twins will need to decide fast if his $14 million option is a worthwhile investment at age 36 as the trade deadline looms.

A Star Tribune article published today notes that Santana’s velocity is not yet as high as we have seen in the past, but Molitor and the Twins have confidence in his abilities, also noting the great presence he brings to the clubhouse.

Note: Due to some format changes at SB Nation we may or may not have a live scoreboard at this time unfortunately.


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Go Santana Go!! Go Twins Go!!