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Thursday Twins: At least they aren’t lazy

Addison Reed’s delivery tweaks, trade projections, Justin Morneau, and Trevor Plouffe

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Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Any excuse to use this picture is a good one

If you like Twins links, here you go. If not, why did you click this post?

  • The Twins might not be playing awesome baseball, but at least they’ve been hustling. Something something. Twins’ way, am I right? Paul Molitor did say his staff has had to remind players to respect the game and play the right way. Probably something about unwritten rules, too.
  • Addison Reed is tweaking his delivery a bit as he works back from the DL. He should be back soon, which is generally Twins-speak for “His arm literally fell off, and we are trying to figure out how to re-attach” Hopefully Reed avoids that fate.
  • Anthony Spaulding at MLB Daily Dish made some trade-deadline predictions for the Twins. He thinks that Brian Dozier will be a Brewer, and Eduardo Escobar will be a Phillie. He does have some other interesting takes though, especially about what might happen in the off season
  • FSN sat Justin Morneau down in front of a camera to look back at his first major league home run (it was fifteen years ago, do you feel old now?) It’s a good way to spend a couple minutes. He hit it into the fountain at Kansas City. Logan Morrison’s grandma is probably jealous.
  • Old friend Trevor Plouffe hit his second career walk-off home run last night, in the 16th inning of the Dodgers-Phillies game. Good for Trevor, he always seemed like a classy guy. [Editor’s Note: This was really cool.]