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Twins trade Eduardo Escobar to Diamondbacks for three prospects

Man, this one hurts.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins
Make me in to a bird so I can fly far far away.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Despite their recent winning streak, the Twins are still five games below .500, and trailing the first place Indians by seven games (which is sort of amazing). The Twins have expressed that they think they are seller, and it appears that dark day has come. Per Ken Rosenthal, the Twins have a deal in place to send Eduardo Escobar to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

As of now, the trade is not officially complete, but it appears that is only because both teams are waiting on the physicals. It’s pretty much a done deal. [Edit, 4:42 pm CT: Yeah, it’s official.] According to Jeff Passan, the Twins are set to receive RHP Jhoan Duran, OF Ernie De La Trinidad, and OF Gabriel Maciel in return. All three are Low-A players.

Apparently team beat reporters were in Paul Molitor’s office when the news of the trade broke on the TV.

Mike Berardino reports that the DBacks will be responsible for the rest of Eduardo’s nice $1.69 million salary left on the year.

I know it makes sense for the Twins to be sellers, and it makes sense for them to sell Escobar. The utility player is having a career year, hitting .274/.338/.514 with 15 home runs and an MLB leading 37 doubles (!!), and is also a free agent at the end of the season... but, man. But did it have to be Escobar? He was by far the most fun guy to watch, both on the field and in interview. I’m also suddenly feeling the Twins are dangerously low on Eds, and I don’t like it.

Replacing Eduardo Escobar on the roster? Miguel Sano. He’s reportedly already on his way to Boston to join the Twins tonight, but isn’t expected to be in the lineup in tonight’s game against the Red Sox. Sano is coming from Triple-A Rochester, where he hit .267/.389/.500 with two home runs over nine games. Before that, Sano spent 19 games in High-A Ft. Myers, where he hit .328/.442/.453 with two home runs. Really though, I’m not surprised the Twins are calling up Sano. Who else was going to play third now?

Ed, if you are reading this, here. We’ll miss you.