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Dozier says thanks, Rodney says goodbye

Fairly newsy 24 hours in Twins territory! Let’s recap it together.

Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

For a team that is a non-factor, your Minnesota Twins had a very busy 24 hours. Let’s recap it!

Wednesday night: Francisco Lindor wallops a Trevor Hildenberger cookie, sending the Twins to another walk-off loss. We’ll get back to this later.

Thursday morning: Brian Dozier puts an ad in the Strib thanking Minnesota for all the memories.

He also put it on Instagram so the youngs would read it.

Thursday afternoon: The Twins released the nicknames that would adorn the team’s jerseys for Players Weekend.

A few thoughts on this list: 1. I don’t even know Oliver Drake and Johnny Field’s real names. 2. “Little Guardado” is extremely good. 3. Joe Mauer going with “Mauer” instead of “Sexx Dragon” is because we live in a fallen world where even fleeting joy is impossible.

Later Thursday afternoon: The Twins actually fought back from a 4-run deficit against the defending Cy Young winner before getting walked off for the second time in about 18 hours. It is the 12th time this has happened this year. As noted by Gleems, the Twins are on pace to set the record for walkoff losses in a season. That is bad!

Thursday evening: Just when you were settling in for a good Thursday slumber, the news came down: Falvine was back at it again with the right plans, sending Fernando Rodney and the attendant Fernando Rodney Experience to Oakland for prospect/Simpsons meme Dakota “Supernintendo” Chalmers. That sends the number of 2018 Twins players moved in the last few weeks to six. Terry Ryan passed out reading this.

Later Thursday Evening: Per LaVelle, both Tyler Duffey and Tyler Austin (the name you knew from the Lance Lynn trade) are being called up for the weekend.

Nothing happened overnight (THAT WE KNOW ABOUT), but that is the lay of the land as you enter Friday, August 10th, in Twins Territory. It’s fair to wonder if Paul Molitor will go with closer by committee or just give it to Trevor Hildenberger, even though he looks sorta gassed right now. Granted, it would be a bigger deal if they weren’t playing out the string, but it might be fun to see if they go with one of the kids or the hot hand or practice high-leverage theory. (It’ll be Hildenberger.)