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FanPost Call: Your Fernando Rodney Experience

Now that the FRE is over in Minnesota, we want to know what you saw, remember, and felt.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twins Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to out FanPost Call!

Remember this? The FanPost Call is a thing we do sometimes where I pose a question or topic to the Twinkie Town community, you consider said question or topic, write a FanPost about it, and then we bring all the FanPost’s together in a post the following week. It’s a grand old time!

With the Twins trading Fernando Rodney last Thursday, I must ask:

What was your Fernando Rodney Experience?

So here’s the deal: What did you think of Fernando Rondey’s time as a Twin? Did you initially like the signing, or where you dismayed? Did you like Rodney when the season began? Did he exceed your expectations or fail to meet them? During the magical journey that is the FRE, did you end up liking him? Did you end up hating him? Why?

How did you feel when Fernando Rodney pitched? Please provide as much detail as you can.

Was there a specific game or moment that you remember the most? One that really defined the FRE for you? Here’s a link to Fernando Rodney’s 2018 Game Log if you want to jog your memory.

Do you have no opnion on this, but feel you did something in your life that was akin to the FRE? Are you super into archery? Heck, we’d love to hear that stuff. What made that moment to much like the FRE?

I really want to hear what you have to say about the FRE, now that it is over for the Twins. It’ll be great.

Get started on your FanPost now!