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Game 115: Twins @ Tigers

Let’s see if Gardy can start an umpire fight!

Seattle Mariners v Detroit Tigers - Game Two
“The pile of beer cans was this big.”
Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Time: 6:10 Central. Vegas Line: -114 MIN / DET +104

Weather: Mostly Clear, Start Temp 78°

Opponent’s Nice SB Site: Bless You Boys

TV: FSN. Radio: Is Sturgis Still Going On?

When the Tigers signed Jordan Zimmermann to a five-year deal in 2015, he was 29 years old and a two-time All-Star with a career ERA of 3.32. During his three years in Detroit, the ERA has been 5.31. Some of that’s possibly bad luck or injury, but his fastball has lost some giddyup. He’s signed through 2020 at $25 million per year.

Next year, the Twins will have to decide if they want to pay Ervin Santana $14 mil to stick around one more year (or $1 mil to buy him out). He’s 35, and while an All-Star last season, FIP suggested there may have been a little bit of luck in play. He also hasn’t been his old self since returning from the DL. Still, the Twins’ rotation is fairly thin at the moment, and would have to rely on unproven AAA talent or Lance Lynn-ish free agents if Santana isn’t retained.

Over at BYB Rob Ragacki has a nice preview of tonight’s game. Apparently former Twin farmhand Niko Goodrum has been crushing fastballs and not much else. While Santana’s fastball speed is down. So that’s probably why Goodrum is hitting sixth. Lineups:


Miguel Cabrera is currently on the DL.