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Monday Morning Minnesota: No Subtitle Edition

Nothing here either.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers
Paul Molitor making a list of facebook users who have personally wronged him.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
  • A lawyer who was a key player in keeping the Twins from being contracted all those years ago passed away recently, which means it is a great time to look back. That season was the reason I got in to baseball, and I consider myself forever indebted to everyone who helped keep this team in Minnesota. Without them I wouldn’t have a reason to be writing bad jokes on the internet!
  • Dakota Chalmers, who the Twins got for Fernando Rodney, could be an “organization changer.” I assume this means he’ll bumble around between AAA and the Twins for like 3 seasons, get DFAd, claimed by the A’s or whoever, and then get a Cy Young.
  • If you missed international heartthrob Willians Astudillo pulling off the hidden ball trick, Fangraphs has you covered. I’m pretty sure if I was a pro and someone pulled that shit on me, I would be so paranoid for the rest of my career that I would never take any lead off of any base at any time.
  • The fourth link is the friends you make along the way.

Today’s random baseball video from my youtube favorites is:

I love P-Flo and the feeling of seeing all those old faces must be what taking drugs is like.

Today’s soundtrack is Donkey Kong Country 2, Which I’ve been listening to because of Greg. Thanks Greg!