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Game 118: Pirates at Twins

Some inter-league action (the boring kind)

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers
Down to one Logan, but still two Jakes.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

First Pitch: 7:10 PM (Barring gamma-ray burst delay.)
Radio: WCCO 830, TIBN, La Raza
Chance of Precipitation: 51%
Chance of Winning: I don’t know how to read betting odds.
Chance of useful information in this opening: 0%
Click here to know thine enemy

The Twins, whoever that entails these days, host the Pirates to open a two game set. Our buddy, Buddy Boshers is a Pirate now. I wonder how many actual literal twins were actual literal pirates. Not like internet pirates, the cool kind. The murdertheft kind.

The Pirates have the only team nickname in the MLB that is inherently criminal. There are probably some rules about the who and where for fishing, brewing and proselytizing (Mariners, Brewers and Padres respectively) but no one really sees them as criminal acts. Dodgers maybe? Depends what you are dodging.

Excuse me I’m going to go look at team names in other sports leagues to see how many are criminals.

Today's Lineups

Corey Dickerson - LF Joe Mauer - 1B
Starling Marte - CF Eddie Rosario - RF
Gregory Polanco - RF Jorge Polanco - SS
David Freese - 3B Miguel Sano - 3B
Josh Bell - 1B Max Kepler - CF
Francisco Cervelli - C Logan Forsythe - 2B
Colin Moran - DH Jake Cave - LF
Josh Harrison - 2B Mitch Garver - C
Jordy Mercer - SS Tyler Austin - DH