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Thursday Twins: Miguel Sano’s new haircut

Plus, Ervin Santana is mad about the trade deadline, and more.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers
Those dreads look sweaty.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
  • Miguel Sano apparently got sick of having the old “Eduardo Nunez” happen to him (losing his helmet), so he cut his hair shorter and got a new helmet. I guess we’ll see if it helps. He also said the haircut was because he was tired of being so hot and sweaty, which means we can start the countdown to Souhan going on another rant about Sano’s conditioning.
  • During the Twins game yesterday, alleged umpire Joe West moved into second place on the all-time games umpired list. No word on his status on the “screwed the Twins” list, but I imagine he’s pretty high on that one too. He also has to be pretty high on the “made Joe Mauer say a dirty word like ‘darn’” list.
  • Ervin Santana is mad at the boy wonders in the front office for “taking our pieces away” News flash Ervin... You’re a big part of this team under-performing this season. Maybe one of us should send him this article?
  • looked at the best August trade in the history of each team. For the Twins, that involved bringing back an old friend. Farting Expert, Broadcaster, and Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven brought his wicked curveball back to Minnesota in exchange for three players. Who knows, maybe someday Dakota Chalmers will unseat Bert.

All the sports writers must be at Vikings training camp, because there isn’t a lot of other Twins news today