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Tuesday Twins: Lance Lynn thinks there’s collusion in MLB

He’s still mad about last offseason. Plus, notes on Matt Magill, the Cedar Rapid Kernels, Fortnite, and more.

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Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Hello all! Here are the links:

  • Remember last offseason when, like, teams refused to sign any players or really do anything for a really long time? Former Twins legend Lance Lynn is still mad about that, and is publicly accusing teams of lying and collusion.
  • Speaking of last offseason, Seth Stohs of Twins Daily recently caught up with reliever Matt Magill about why he decided to sign with the Twins, where he came from, and who he is. Magill is still pretty confusing to be so this post was helpful.
  • The Low-A Cedar Rapids Kernels clinched a second half championship yesterday in the Midwest League, meaning they are going to the playoffs! Congrats to Young Gardy and the rest of the squad.
  • Any of you into that Fortnite video game? Trevor May is, and he’s trying to get a bunch of nerds streamers and to come play Fortnite on the field at Target Field. I guess other people will get to come watch live too.
  • Here’s a thing I didn’t know existed: a Minnesota Twins Bar Network. It’s an official list of bars in Minnesotan towns where Twins fans can go and watch the Twins game and get hammered together. This concept sounds like every bar in Minnesota, though, so not sure what the deal is. Sneaky Pete’s is on the list,in case you didn’t know about Sneaky Pete’s.