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Indians 8, Twins 1: There are no heroes left in Minnesota

Turns out if you hit, pitch, and field poorly you might lose!

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians
Pretty much.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Twins starter Kyle Gibson didn’t have the best day. Really you could substitute Gibson for just about any Twin in that sentence and it would probably be true. Conversely, Indians starter Carlos Carrasco DID have a pretty darn good day.

Joe Mauer broke up the no-hitter on the third pitch of the first at-bat, and his two hits would be double the total of anyone else. After some classic Gibson pitch-out-of-jamsing in the first two innings, he decided he wanted to pitch INTO some jams. We all want to spice up our lives now and again.

Some single-single-sac fly-single action gave Cleveland two runs in the 3rd. You may be surprised to know Francisco Lindor was involved in such a thing, having hit the first of those singles. I imagine if my recapping career continues, by the end of my life the sentence I will have written most is “Lindor got a hit.”

Back-to-back walks to start Gibson’s 4th haunted him for a run. In the 6th a pair of singles and an RBI force-out would knock Gibby out of the game, bringing in man-being-struck-by-lightning Gabriel Moya. Lindor got a hit. Imagine that. More hits would happen and all in all Cleveland would score 4 in the inning.

Another run happened in the 8th but I don’t think a single person in Minnesota was watching so no reports of how it happened have yet to surface. We may never know.

Okay so Jake Cave hit a dinger in the 9th, so I have to actually write that here, but I’m keeping that last paragraph as is because I thought it was funny. Thanks Jake.


DUDS: Most.

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Comment of the day probably goes to Joel Hernandez. I don’t know, I didn’t check.