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Twins trade catcher Bobby Wilson to Cubs for Chris Gimenez

Mark this one down under “WTF? I did NOT see this one coming.”

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins

Thought the Twins were done making moves? Well surprise! The team announced today that they have traded backup catcher Bobby Wilson — the one who recently injured his ankle — to the Cubs for backup catcher Chris Gimenez. Yes, THAT Chris Gimenez. The same backup catcher who played for the Twins last year and pitched an absurd amount of innings (for a position player).

The Twins might even get a Player To Be Named Later in the trade, but don’t expect it to be anything significant. They’ll probably just get some cash instead.

What exactly the Cubs wanted Bobby Wilson for, I’m not sure. He’s currently on the disabled list, eligible to return on September 4th. In 47 games for the Twins this year, Bobby’s hit .178/.242/.281 with two home runs, but, uh... I guess pitchers like throwing to him? He’s a good defensive catcher, anyway.

Gimenez, on the other hand, has only played in 12 major league games this season, in which he hit .143/.219/.143 with zero extra base hits. Our old friend has actually spent most of the year toiling away in Triple-A, where he’s hit .204/.282/.303 with two home runs. So basically, the 35-year-old been hitting like shit all around.

In case you were wondering, yes, Gimenez has also pitched this year. He have one scoreless appearance for the Cubs’ Triple-A team, and made one appearance for the Cubs in the majors where he gave up a three-run home run to Joey Votto.

If you are afraid the arrival (revival?) of Gimenez means the end of the Willians Astudillo experience, have no fear! The Twins are apparently sending Gimenez to Triple-A Rochester for the time being. Just think of it as a little backup in case Astudillo or Mitch Garver hurt themselves, or Thad Levine being Thad Levine (he’s obsessed with Gimenez, I think).