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Johan Santana retires

He literally signed the papers and made it official. He actually did that. Johan Santana is done.

Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins
Yeah.... a hand shake from Rod Carew is a good way to go out.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Every fall I look forward to one specific piece I can write — the “Johan Santana Is Making A Come Back!” piece, because the dude absolutely refuses to retire. It’s great.

Today Johan was inducted into the Twins Hall of Fame. It was an awesome ceremony. He gave a great speech, one I’d be proud of.

And then he tweeted this:

Johan Santana retired.

If you want to know how I’m holding together, I can tell you, “Not well.” I am writing this through tears. I mean, I knew, I knew that Johan Santana wasn’t going to pitch again, I just... does this mean I can’t write my annual “Johan Santana is making a come back” post? Can I still write that?

Johan Santana is really retiring? Like, no more comeback attempts? This is it? Johan Santana is for real done playing baseball? This is it?


I... I love you Johan.