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Twins 10, Rangers 7: In the big inning

A super-stretch of Twins not being out provides wonderful fun for at least one Twins fan in Texas, TX.

Minnesota Twins v Texas Rangers
The two individuals are employees of the Minnesota Twins.
Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The headline joke is one of the oldest in baseball. “God’s a baseball fan.” “How do you know?” ‘“Because He began His book, “in the big inning.”’

This recap absolutely has to be about CCTwinsFan, who drove from Corpus Christi to Arlington (six hours, if my phone’s map thinamajig is to be trusted) and witnessed the Twins coming back from 0-6 with an EIGHT-RUN INNING. (Video here, I can’t embed it, company rules and such.)

You can watch 50 baseball games, and probably none will have that inning. Good on you, CC, hope the other games are as great!

As Asthix kicked my butt into adding, Mitch Garver had himself one heckuva night, including the tying double in that Big Inning. Stephen Gonsalves continues to struggle at translating his minor-league success into the majors. We’re all rooting for you, Steve!

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