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Royals 10, Twins 3: The Bottom Section

Get on down there.

Minnesotoa Twins v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

On, the live scores are currently being presented in two separate sections. The first section is headlined “Postseason Push,” featuring matchups relevant to fans wishing to see how the last few playoff spots shake out during the last two weeks of the year. The Twins are in the other section, the page’s bottom section, which might as well be labeled “For Masochists.” Tonight, that scoreboard reflected a 10-3 whupping from the 96-loss Kansas City Royals.

Because watching the 2018 Minnesota Twins is already a bit like getting repeatedly punched in the stomach, here are the quick hits:

  • Paul Molitor was ejected in the fourth, arguing for an obstruction call after the Royals botched a squeeze play, then the Twins botched the pickle. (#BotchedThePickle.)
  • Longtime Royals Alex Gordon and Alcides Escobar combined for six hits and eight RBI tonight. Escobar has a career 72 OPS+ and has never qualified as an above-average hitter in a full decade of major-league baseball.
  • Ian Kennedy’s last major-league win came on April 7th. Guess who got the win tonight?
  • The Twins had eleven hits, but could only drive in runs on two singles and a sacrifice fly.
  • Willians Astudillo was TOOTBLAN’d in the eighth, which once again proves that nobody’s perfect, not even Dilly Willy.


There are no studs in Mudville.


Mighty Casey, and the Sunshine Band, too.

Robot Roll Call:

Comment of the Gamethread:

TeamCrazyMatt: “Where does a catcher live during the baseball season? In Astudillo apartment”

I debated leading with the comment of the gamethread, because this was truly the highlight of my night.

Tomorrow, tune in at 1:15 to join the elite company of people who decided to watch the Twins and the Royals instead of the Vikings and the Packers. I’m not even that big of a football fan, but there comes a point where basic human reason forces your hand.