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Monday Morning Minnesota: In Astudillo we trust

As well as lessons in mediocrity and armchair GMing

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twins Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
  • We all love human meme Willians Astudillo, whose arrival has been a godsend for those of us struggling from Post Escobar Stress Disorder. But let’s not forget he’s actually done really well as a baseball player, per the PPress.
  • If his hard playingness isn’t enough praise, Bobby Mueller over at Call to the Pen explains how he is the hero we need.
  • Also this is a thing:
  • Yep. (Aside: Who the crap are 99% of those people?)
  • Minor League Ball has invited you to to be the Twins GM. so now’s the time to pull out your dumb plans to fire Gary or whatever. No one’s gonna come up with a plan better than 25 Eds anyway.
  • You’ll be pleased to find out that the Twins aren’t the most mediocre sports franchise of the last 50 years. They’re actually the 11th!
  • Baseball hasn’t been as much of, as we say, slam dunk in mainland China as it has in places like Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Meaghan Tobin of the South China Morning Post looks in to the slowly growing baseball scene.

Today’s soundtrack is Mike Tyson’s Punch Out because it rocks that sweet sweet NES bass.

Have a nice training montage!