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Tuesday Twins: Willians Astudillo is taking grounders at shortstop

Dear god, please let this happen.

Seattle Mariners v Minnesota Twins
He’s the hero we deserve.
Photo by Andy King/Getty Images

Sorry this is late! I sprained my ankle and barfed my brains out last night:

  • Mike Berardino made a very, very, very important announcement on Twitter today.
  • WILLIANS ASTUDILLO PLAYING SHORTSTOP. Can you imagine? That would probably be the closest we will ever come to having Manny Ramirez as the Twins shortstop.
  • Since I know none of you (NONE) are sick of Willians Astudillo yet, I will also mention that Aaron Gleeman just wrote a whole article on him for Baseball Prospectus. Turns out some of the pitchers actually love the way he catches too!
  • ESPN 1500’s Derek Wetmore talked about whether the Twins can overcome the Indians next season, because obviously everyone has stopped caring about 2018. What do you think?
  • There was a special moment between Young Gardy and, uh, Old Gardy before yesterday’s game (in case you missed it — I did because I was puking my brains out).
  • Alright, I’m going to go puke some more I think.