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Thursday Twins: Things Twinkietown loves edition (Willians Astudillo)

Plus Miguel Sano’s offseason plans and other baseball players being lovable weirdos.

MLB: New York Yankees at Minnesota Twins Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
  • A certain segment of the Twinkie Town commentariat loves a try-hard baseball player. Grant Brisbee is here to argue that players maybe shouldn’t try quite so hard, when there is nothing on the line. Tyler Austin features as ‘Exhibit A,’ even if he claims the wall “snuck up on him.” Darn those sneaky walls, I never hear them coming, and then... POW!
  • MLB’s Cut4 ranked their top nicknames for home runs, and they are wrong. Every good Twinkietowner knows that “Stroked dong” should top the list. Still, a few of our favorites, like “mashing taters” (see Thome, Ji) make the list.
  • Speaking of Willians Astudillo (because aren’t we always speaking of him?), you know the Twins are on to something when even SI takes notice of happenings between the mountain ranges.
  • Miguel Sano revealed his offseason workout plans. He’ll be working with an Olympic track star from his hometown in the Dominican Republic, with the goal of weighing 245 for spring training next season. That sounds great, but reading between the lines on Mike Berardino’s report worries me a bit: it sounds like the team won’t have a role in Sano’s plan, and the team has no idea who Sano will be training with, or how the program will be run.
  • The four-letter has a fun feature on pitchers and their fingernails. It involves a guy who goes full on Moises Alou, some old friends, and manicures. Plus its just a good read about the weird stuff baseball players do, if you’re into that kind of thing. Most of the things in the article are technically against the rules, but I guess it’s not like they have a note card in their pocket.