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Rosario, Garver, and a staggering variety of horsey costumes

Just because the season’s almost over doesn’t mean the news is.

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Yes, you’re maybe not paying as much attention to the Twins now as you were in May (and if you’re reading this from southeast Minnesota, you’re probably more distracted by the giant tree branch that destroyed your deck last night). However, that doesn’t mean the Twins, and baseball at large, isn’t making news. Here it is.

  • It sounds like both Eddie Rosario and Mitch Garver are probably done for the year. Rosario aggravated a calf injury on Monday in Detroit, while Garver is still dealing with a concussion. Twins manager Paul Molitor told’s Rhett Bollinger that both players had been sent back to Minneapolis while the rest of the team travels to Oakland.
  • You very well may have seen a bunch of Twins rookies cavorting in horse costumes earlier this week. It appears that John Curtiss appealed to the replay officials to take the “Freakness” portion of the Rookie Triple Crown.

2018 doesn’t have a hell of a lot going for it, but the fact that rookie hazing is straight up weird rather than cruel is a bright spot. Jake Odorizzi and Kyle Gibson talked about costumes and more with MLB Network:

  • If, like me, you’re confused by the tiebreakers in the chaotic National League, SB Nation breaks it all down for you.
  • Hey, did you want to know about the Twins instructional league roster for 2018? Sure you do! Top prospects Royce Lewis and Soviet fighter pilot Alex Kirilloff are both involved.
  • A nation asks, “Will Robbie Grossman be back this year?” LaVelle attempted to find out for the Strib. A good thinker for today and the rest of the winter, really, is what do you think the starting 2019 Minnesota Twins outfield looks like, and who is the 4th outfielder? I’ll start: Rosario, BUXTON, Kepler, with Cave as the 4th. My Buxton optimism is weird, I’ll admit that. Sound off below if you’re feeling it.