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Game 153: Twins @ A’s

And an old friend (sorta) on the mound

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers
Remember him?
Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Time: 9:05 Central. Vegas Line: -175 OAK / MIN +165

Weather: Sunny, First Pitch 65°

Opponent’s Nice SB Site: Athletics Nation

TV: FSN. Radio: No sleeeping for Cory tonight

Since the Twins are on the West Coast, here are some Pacific Time zone baseball links:

Patrick Redford on how the Oakland A’s are making a playoff run with no really good starting pitching. Basically, offense and bullpen. Scoring 21 runs (like they just did against Anaheim) doesn’t hurt either. Contains naughty word in title.

Tennis legend Billie Jean King is buying part of the Dodgers. Her brother was in the majors, that’s interesting.

And a story about a backup catcher in Seattle who recently left the game and is now working to spread awareness of eating disorders. He’d struggled with that stuff badly as a teen. This is a really well-done, sensitively-written article, well worth checking out.

Oakland lineup: Nick Martini LF, Matt Chapman 3B, Jed Lowrie 2B, Khris Davis DH, Matt Olson 1B, Stephen Piscotty RF, Ramon Laueano CF, Marcus Semien SS, Jonathan Lucroy C.


“Opening” for Oakland is reliever Liam Hendriks, who you might remember was a Twin for a few years and not very successful. He’s still not very successful, but does throw a little harder out of the bullpen.