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Game 158: White Sox @ Twins

Your daycap before your nightcap.

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Time: 1:10 Central. Vegas Line: -170 MIN / CHW +155

Weather: Cloudy, First Pitch 69°

Opponent’s SB Site: South Side Sox

TV: FSN, MLB.TV Free Game (outside of region.) Radio: Still exists

Doubleheader? Let’s do this, MOFOs, bring it on!

I’ve read two baseball stories this year that absolutely floored me, just knocked me right off my ass. I’d like to share them here.

The first is about our old friend Delmon Young. Brandon Sneed wrote this over at Deadspin, and it’s one hell of an article. Mr. Young is, surprise surprise, a more complex person than you might have assumed. (Newsflash: most individuals are.) Sneed talked to Young, several of his friends, and put together a fascinating profile of a complicated guy. Is it the full story? Of course not, you can’t reduce a person to a Web article. It’s likely as close as we’re going to get, though, and it’s terrific writing.

The second is about Nevest Coleman, a White Sox groundskeeper who was wrongfully convicted of a 1994 rape and murder. He was pressured into “confessing,” you’re all old enough to know what that entails. He was released this year, when DNA evidence proved his innocence.

Guess what? He applied for his old job back with the White Sox. And they hired him.

Said Sox groundskeeper Harry Smith, “he’s gotten a little fatter, but that’s him.” Ah, what’s baseball without a little good-natured ribbing to lighten the horrific tragedy?

Jose Berrios pitches for the Twins today, Zach Koenig wrote a good piece about him yesterday if you haven’t read that yet. Chicago’s lineup: Yolmer Sanchez 3B, Leury Garcia 2B, Avisail Garcia RF, Daniel Palka LF, Matt Davison 1B, Omar Narvaez DH, Wellington Castillo C, Tim Anderson SS, Adam Engel CF.