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Twins 12, White Sox 4: W-w-w-wipeout

One of these teams kinda lost interest.

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins - Game Two
Did you writer folks know that if you go to “finalize” without picking a picture, the bot will just pick one for you? I didn’t know that. Fuck that noise, I like this one.
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On the old “Inside The NBA” TV show, co-host Kenny Smith used to have a phrase, “gone fishing.” That’s what happens when a team which barely squeaked into the playoffs is up against Michael Jordan’s Bulls. Gone fishing. Their physical forms might be there, but their souls are already on a boat with a line in hand. Gone fishing.

The Chicago White Sox tonight had gone fishing. The 2018 Twins aren’t Jordan’s Bulls by any stretch (and we’ll have all winter to discuss why), but the Sox were all kinds of “gone fishing” after losing a close 2-1 afternoon game. Starter Lucas Giolito got nuked with nukes for seven runs in 1.1 innings, old friend Hector Santiago got four more in 4.4.

The Pale Hose only committed one official error, but they dinky-dunked it all over the field, making poor decisions galore. The same stuff we’ve been frustrated about with the Twins in their worst moments this season, Chicago did it all night. “Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy,” Dan Gladden said after the game.

For the side you generally prefer, Joe Mauer went 2-4, and Mitch Garver went 4-5. Chase De Jong got his first “win” and sounded pretty enthused about it on the radio later.

Comments Of The Game go to imakesandwichesforaliving for basic niceness, and Bb_referee for “My hubby got news from the Mayo Clinic oncologist yesterday that’s got us worrying, so I’ll take anything as good news right now…”

Jeepers H. Cripes, that’s not fun to deal with.

I remember the day my Mom called me at work and said “I’ve got some bad news to tell you.” I immediately threw my phone into the wall as hard as I could. My coworkers were stunned, I’m not a violent man. They asked, why did I do that? “Because my fucking mom just told me she had incurable fucking cancer.” How do you know, she din’t say anthing past “I’ve got some bad news”? Because it was my Mom, that’s how I knew.

The best wishes from the deepest place of my heart to Bb_referee’s family, and may 2019 be better than 2018, for all of us, in every possible way.

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