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Monday Morning Minnesota: Hot Hot Takes

Hot like the inside of a pizza roll.

Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images
  • You’ve already read dark overlord Myjah’s take on “The Buxton Situation.” Well, here is another! For what it’s worth, while service time manipulation is dumb and bad, I don’t feel like I can blame a front office for doing something that rewards them. It also isn’t like Buxton himself has wowed us this year.
  • The move however is apparently a sensitive topic among the players (Per PPress.) Apparently one of Buxton’s agents is named “B.B Abbott.” Do you think that stands for BaseBall Abbott or is that just wishful thinking? Byron Buxton Abbott? Either way the man was clearly born for this role.
  • Charlie Gilmer of the Runner Sports looks at the trade of the century. You know the one.
  • This week’s Sunday Notes column on fangraphs contains not only lost-but-not-forgotten catchers Bobby Wilson and Drew Butera, but also Paul Molitor. So you definitely want to read that! Did you know Butera is 35 and also the cruel ceaseless march of time will inevitably claim us all?

This week’s random baseball video is nothing because I ran out. I’ll think of something new to put here later. Wow!

This week’s existential crisis is Motion City Soundtrack.