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Twins 10, Royals 6: Gonsalves struggles minus “opener,” game is long

The MiLB standout continues to have difficulty in the majors. Also, this game was long.

Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins
Max seems very excited here.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Your primary take from this game is that the Twins considered using an “opener” for young Stephen Gonsalves’s fourth MLB start. They decided not to, possibly because two similar experiments did not go good. This full start didn’t go good, either. Small sample size fun!

Also, relievers Trevor May, Taylor Rogers, and Trevor Hildenberger each pitched scoreless innings. Since they’ll probably all be on the big-league squad next year, it’s nice to see them playing well.

The playoff no-chance Minnesota Twins defeated the playoff no-chance Kansas City Royals in a brisk three hours and thirty-six minutes. A nine-inning game, with no rain delays. (Shove that up your “pace of play,” commissioner Manfred!)

Here’s your recap, by timestamp:

7:10 — First pitch


7:42 — Bloop fly by Ehire Adrianza scores two runs, MIN 2-0

7:48 thru eternity — After one out, the next eight Kansas City batters reach base safely. At some point here, Gonsalves is replaced by Alan Busenitz, it doesn’t help. KC 6-2

8:32 — Following three Twins singles and a Jake Cave double, Royals all-star catcher Salvador Perez misses a pitched ball. 6-6

8:47 — Kyle Gibson and Jose Berrios begin teaching each other ancient Greek

8:55 — After his leadoff double, the Royals elect to sacrifice bunt Rosell Herrera to third. He does not score.

9:01 — Bert Blylevn discovers that, in fact, unshelled peanuts do not fit comfortably up one’s nose

9:03 — Throwing error by Alcides Escobar turns a sure Logan Forsythe out into two bases. Royals manager Ned Yost partially removes left eyeball with melon spoon, puts it back in, repeats. The Twins get more hits. MIN 9-6

9:50 — The millionth pitching change occurs

10:10 — Yost challenges an Adrianza single on replay. Dan Gladden eats that tab of acid he’s been saving since Sturgis ‘92.

10:15 — Twins TOOTBLAN

10:20 — Paul Molitor lets out a thunderous fart which causes alien astronomers from Ceti Alpha V to re-examine all their notions of space and time

10:22 — Eddie Rosario homers. MIN 10-6

10:46 — Hildenberger induces a Herrera lineout to end the game. Target Field ushers call home to confirm what time zone they are in. Joe Mauer gazes stonefaced at the empty stadium and mutters, “they took my stapler.”

(Note: timestamp may not be 100% accurate.) Robot Roll Call:

Comment of the night: Cory Provus, on radio, saying “this wasn’t a pretty game.” No. No, it was not.

Thanks to you folks who hung in there for the thread, tomorrow will be more fun with Berrios! (Probably...)