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Thursday Twins: The return of the trees?

The interesting relationship between Schoop and Cruz, Jose Berrios’ workout routine, and fantasy camp

New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins, Game 2 Photo by Hannah Foslien /Getty Images
  • The return of the trees in centerfield? Not really, but maybe it’s a workable compromise. The Twins will be installing “thousands” of juniper plants in place the black rectangle currently residing under the “Minnie and Paulie” sign at Target Field. They claim it will be “one of the world’s largest living walls.”
  • New Twin Jonathan Schoop is already making a positive impact on the team, acting as a “second agent” for former Baltimore and current Minnesota teammate Nelson Cruz, and encouraging the front office to close in on signing the veteran slugger.
  • Jose Berrios is a workout champ, as we’ve learned over the last few offseasons. He’s apparently added another twist though, which Cut4 describes as 'footage from ”Planet Earth” of turtles making their way onto a beach to lay eggs'
  • Twins’ fantasy camp is currently on-going down in Fort Myers. Sal from South Dakota, if you’re reading this, I love your hat! Bert Blyleven also manages to get through an entire interview without saying “downward plane” or farting.
  • Finally, if you’re not one of those weirdos (like our esteemed EIC emeritus) who are super into the KBO, but are curious about baseball in Korea, Baseball Prospectus has a great primer, and yes, former Twin Byungho Park is mentioned. This is the start of season-long coverage at that publication, so if you want to know more, now would be a great time.