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The new Twins uniforms are actually pretty nice

Prepare for #HotTakes.

Minnesota Twins/Instagram

The Twins unveiled new home alternate uniforms on Wednesday! As with any change that takes place in the baseball world, many different people will voice their opinions on them over the coming days. And of course, I wanted to join in on the fun. Here are three immediate thoughts that I have about the Twins new home alternates.

1. The Kasota Gold is fine.

My most controversial opinion on the topic of Twins uniforms, so I’ll just to get it out of the way. “But Hayden!” you say, “gold doesn’t belong anywhere on a Twins uniform!” I think you would be right to say that in most cases. It’s been painfully obvious that the Twins have been trying to make Kasota Gold work for a couple years now, and it just seems like they’re trying to sneak it in just to continue the trend. However, I think in this case, it compliments the color scheme quite well, especially since it’s a darker shade of blue and red. I’m likely the only person in all of Twins Territory with this opinion, but I stand by it.

2. It does a decent job of paying homage to the past, while still looking pretty modern.

It’s very common for teams to include a nod to their history when coming out with a new uniform. Usually they say something like “honoring the past, looking toward the future” when they unveil the uniforms. The influence behind the new alternates is very clearly the famous powder blue uniforms that the Twins wore in the 70s and 80s. The script “Twins” stands out, and I think they do a nice job of paying homage to their past uniforms with that. In a similar vein, now moving on to my last point and only complaint....


If you’re gonna pay some respects to your history, why not go all out? Of course, I was not alive when the powder blues were being worn, but I do know a great uniform when I see one. As I said in my previous point, the script “Twins” is a nice touch, but it just seems weird to have a dark shade of blue around it. I can’t remember if the Twins have ever worn the powder blue uniforms as a throwback in my lifetime, but in my opinion, they absolutely should.


Overall, I like these uniforms. They might not be perfect, but I appreciate some of the details that they included in them. I actually kind of like the Kasota Gold included in this one (don’t @ me) and I appreciate the historical reference that they included with the script lettering. The only problem is the dark blue. Replace them with powder blue. Otherwise, no major issues.



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