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Fanpost Call: What if Bryce Harper AND Manny Machado entered the THUNDERDOME?

Look, we’re just looking for your opinions.

Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

With the recent hot takes going around that the Twins are a possible mystery team connected to Bryce Harper and/or Manny Machado, let’s hear your take on how those signings would play out. After all, it’s fun to think about, no matter how unsubstantiated those rumors may be.

Anything goes — humor, statistical analysis, photoshop, or just your opinion of how they would fit on the team.

Do you think the Twins’ outfield is too full for Harper? Think they should trade Sano to make room for Machado? Believe both should sign with the Twins and change their names to Ed? If you want to photoshop Bryce Harper’s head onto that creepy picture of TC hanging out in the old centerfield trees, have at it!

Make a fanpost sharing your thoughts between now and Thursday, and we'll round them all up, post it to the front page, and let the masses pick a favorite!