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Minnie And Paulcast, Episode 1: Holy Shift!

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Hayden A is joined by Andrew Bryzgornia on Minnie and Paulcast

Hi all, Hayden here!

As part of my work for Twinkie Town, I’ve started a podcast! It’s called the Minnie and Paulcast. Each installment, I’ll be joined by a different guest, usually a Twinkie Town member, to discuss the Twins, baseball in general, or both. Each episode will begin by focusing on an article that I find interesting as a discussion launch point, and then the conversation will go from there. I wanted to start a podcast because I have a goal of becoming a sports broadcaster, and this will give me some experience with discussing and analyzing specific topics. I also recognized that Twinkie Town did not have a podcast, and I felt that I would be able to help expand the site’s coverage by adding a new type of content. Thus, Minnie and Paulcast was born.

For the first episode, I was joined by Andrew Bryzgornia. We discuss the debate surrounding the shift, pace of play, bad sports fans, and a lot more. You can find it on any podcast platform, but I’ve embedded it below for ease of access.


Article discussed in this episode