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Monday Morning Minnesota: Arrivals and Departures Edition

Grapefruit League Media Availability

Previously on This Very Site Here, Whatever We Call It, I Forget:

Elsewhere in Twins Territory:

  • The Twins front office has already stated they plan to pursue front-of-the-rotation starters over the offseason, and according to the STrib’s Jimothy Souhan, Eddie Rosario is the perfect trade bait.
  • Buster Olney of ESPN reports that the Twins are nearing a deal with Derek Falvey to keep him in the fold longer than his current contract. Which means that his partner in crime Thad Levine could leave before him in a few years and we’ll have to come up with a new cute couples name. Maybe we can just start calling him Flava-Falv.
  • Meanwhile, the OTHER Derek, Bench Coach Derek Shelton isn’t long for this state. Considered a potential Manager candidate the league across, during an offseason where roughly 25% of teams want a new one, he’s probably gone. In fact he’s already interviewing with the Mets.
  • Over at Twins Daily, Tom Froemming makes some good points about how improvements to the Twims sloppy-ass defense (my words, not his.) could go a long way to solve some run-prevention problems.

Non-Twins Links:

Today’s ost is Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers for the NES, because why wouldn’t it be?