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2019 Minnesota Twins awards, presented by Twinkie Town!

After a long season, here is the award show everybody has been waiting for

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twins David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone. This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the 2019 Minnesota Twins awards! I, Joseph7823, will be your host. After a huge season in which your hometown team won 101 games and won the division, there are many awards to be given out. This will include all of the traditional awards that are given out across the MLB plus a couple of my own. So without further ado, this is the Twinkie Town 2019 Minnesota Twins awards!

Comeback Player of the Year

Nominees: Michael Pineda, Miguel Sano, Jason Castro

A pretty tough choice here. Last year, Pineda’s season was missed because he was going through Tommy John surgery rehab, and this year he became one of our top pitchers. Sano was sent to the minor leagues to retrain his swing, and this year he has been a much more patient hitter (not to mention his power). Castro had a knee injury last year, and this year his defense and pitch framing was a lot better.

The 2019 Comeback Player of the Year award goes to... Miguel Sano!!!!

Sano was third in bombas, and considering how much time he missed, that is crazy. One of the big things that everyone was saying about our chances this year was that if Sano and Buxton came back in big ways, then we would succeed. Sano was huge, and Buxton showed flashes while he was on the club. Sano also seemed to hit his homers with runners on base, and in a big spot in the game.

Defensive Player of the Year

Nominees: Byron Buxton, Max Kepler, Eddie Rosario

Nothing falls but raindrops! Buxton is always outstanding on defense, and even though he missed a bunch of time, he is amazingly somehow still a candidate. Kepler is versatile, and he can also make amazing catches. Rosario makes a ton of errors, but he makes explosive plays in the outfield often. Jake Cave is honorable mention, as he made many great plays as well.

The 2019 Defensive Player of the Year award goes to... wait, what? It is a tie between Byron Buxton and Max Kepler!!!!

Buxton and Kepler are both great at playing defense, and even though Rosario is as well, his errors pull him below Buxton and Kepler.

Reliever of the Year

Nominees: Sean Poppen Taylor Rogers, Sergio Romo, Tyler Duffey

Taylor Rogers is the Twins closer, and he is not only a 1-inning guy. Because his ability to quickly finish off hitters, he can routinely keep his pitch count low and go 1+ innings. Sergio Romo is very experienced, and he brings a ton of energy to the team. Duffey is excellent at getting out of jams, and his role is usually cleaning up a mess that another reliever started.

The 2019 Reliever of the Year is... Taylor Rogers!!!!

His skills at staying calm, even when the stakes are high, are some of the best in the league. His slider is above average, his fastball, hovering around 93, is pretty good, and his curveball is one of the better ones in the MLB. He probably would be above average in any bullpen role.

Funniest Guy in the Clubhouse Award

Nominees: Willians Astudillo, Sergio Romo, Eddie Rosario

In August, I got the chance to meet relief pitcher Zack Littell, and one of the questions I asked him was “Who is the funniest guy on the team?”, and he didn’t hesitate in saying “Either Willians Astudillo or Sergio Romo.” Astudillo is Astudillo, and he is beyond funny, Sergio Romo is also hilarious and always brings the energy, and whenever they show Rosario on camera, he is either smiling or laughing.

The players love him, the coaches love him, and the fans especially love him. He is the most awesome, cool, and fun guy on the team. Whenever I see him in the dugout, he’s joking around with another teammate. He is a great guy to have on the team.

Best Teammate Award

Nominees: Nelson Cruz, Jonathan Schoop, Sergio Romo

Wow. Romo is nominated for three awards in a row. Why? Because he stepped into a below-average bullpen and made it a lot better. There was a hole at the back of the bullpen, and Sergio filled it. Not to mention that he brings a totally different level of energy to the clubhouse. With so much young talent on this team (Luis Arraez, Jorge Polanco, Miguel Sano, etc.), Nelson Cruz was a huge addition, not only because of what talent he brings on the field, but also because of his ability to mentor this team’s young core. I think that the same can be said about Jonathan Schoop.

The 2019 Teammate of the Year award goes to... Sergio Romo!!!!

The place where the Twins have the most young talent to mentor is in the bullpen. Just think. Taylor Rogers is still young. Tyler Duffey is young. Trevor May is pretty young. This is where I think that Romo wins out over Cruz. Romo has been in the league for longer than I can remember, and he has seen a lot. He can share a ton of his knowledge and talent with the young relievers.

The Kirby Puckett Clutch Player Award

Nominees: Miguel Sano, Eddie Rosario, Taylor Rogers

I just made up that award name on the spot, because Puckett is cool and because he is very clutch. Sano has more clutch home runs than I can count, and he is the guy that I would most want up to bat with two men on in a close game. Eddie Rosario is clutch in the field in addition to the plate, as he has a rocket arm in addition to a power bat. Rogers is obviously clutch, as he has ice in his veins as a closer.

The 2019 David Ortiz Clutch Player Award goes to... Eddie Rosario!

Eddie has a knack for hitting well in clutch moments. There is a part of him that thrives on those moments in the game that the team is in need of a hit. Also, what puts him out in front of the rest in my opinion is his ability to make clutch plays in the outfield as well.

Silver Slugger Award

Nominees: Jorge Polanco, Nelson Cruz, Max Kepler

Polanco had a crazy good first half, leading the league in batting average for a while. The league rewarded him with an all-star appearance, his first ever. He cooled off a bit in the second half, but he is still a front-runner for this award. Cruz led the team in slugging percentage and OPS. His OPS was a crazy 1.031, and that is not to mention that he hit 41 homers, 5 more than anyone else. Kepler was a bit overshadowed by the other players on the team, but he did have 36 bombas and 90 RBIs.

The 2019 Twins Silver Slugger Award goes to... Nelson Cruz!!!!

The 39-year-old led the team in many categories, including slugging (.639), OPS (1.031), homers (41), and was second in RBIs (108) and batting average (.311). Leading an offensive powerhouse in as many categories as this is extraordinary.

Rookie of the Year

Nominees: Luis Arraez, Randy Dobnak, Devin Smeltzer

Arraez was called up because of Nelson Cruz landing on the IL, and he left a lasting impression on coaches. He got clutch hits numerous times, and became their second baseman, splitting reps with Jonathan Schoop. Dobnak was called up to fix a hole in their bullpen, and he ended up starting 5 games, not including one of their playoff games. Smeltzer came to the team in the Brian Dozier trade, and he was called up to make a spot start. He went six scoreless innings, and was the Twins’ “spot starter” from then on.

The 2019 Twins Rookie of the Year award goes to... Luis Arraez!!!!

The unanimous decision came partly because of his plate discipline. When you watch one of his at-bats, you’d think he had been in the league for 20 years, not less than one. Also, because of this, he led the team in batting average (.334). To put that into perspective, his 109 hits are more than Mitch Garver or Miguel Sano had.

Cy Young Award

Nominees: Jose Berrios, Jake Odorizzi, Michael Pineda

Jose Berrios was super consistent this year (subtracting the month of August). He didn’t give up many runs at all, and he pitched deeper into games than any other pitcher. Odorizzi didn’t pitch that far into games, but what made him great was the fact that he pitched deep enough to give the team a fighting chance and then handed the game to the bullpen. Michael Pineda’s season was shortened by a PED suspension, but he improved a lot after his offseason surgery.

The 2019 Twins Cy Young Award goes to... Jose Berrios!!!!

I gave Berrios the award over Odorizzi because of one simple thing: innings pitched. Odorizzi averaged about 5 13 innings, while Berrios averaged 6 13 . That’s a difference of almost a full inning, which means that, in a close game, there would be one more reliever used. Also, if Berrios didn’t have one bad month, then his ERA would be much higher.

MVP Award

Nominees: Miguel Sano, Eddie Rosario, Nelson Cruz

Once Sano stepped on the roster, everything changed. The main reason for his success was him growing as a hitter by retraining his swing. This year, he doesn’t try to slam every pitch he sees (although he is still very good at that). Rosario is one of the best “bad ball hitters” in the league, and he uses that to his advantage to capitalize on a pitch that was closer to the strike zone than the pitcher intended. Cruz brings a calm veteran presence to the team, and that is a big reason for the team’s great success. He is also very consistent, as he doesn’t have as many ups and downs as other players.

The 2019 Twins MVP award goes to.......... NELSON CRUZ!!!!!

Cruz has brought so much to the team not only because of his great success, but because of every young hitter on the team’s success. He is one of the best veteran presences on the team, and with the amount of young talent on this team, that is extremely valuable. None of the others bring as much to this team on the field and in the dugout, and that is why I chose him.

That’s all, folks! Again, I am your host, Joseph7823, and that was the award show that you have all been waiting for! Discuss in the comments what I got right and what I didn’t. Signing off for now!