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What is the Yankees’ weakness? Do they even freakin’ have one?

I mean, there has to be one somewhere, right?

MLB: ALDS-Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees
Can Duffey and the Twins find the Yankees’ weakness?
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Every team has a weakness. The problem is, the Twins do not seem to have found the Yankees’ weakness yet. Here is a list of possible weaknesses that the Yankees might have. Heck, maybe even the players can read this article and learn from me.... You never know, right?

Starting Pitching

Well, this has been the Yankees’ weakness all season, so it would make a lot of sense that it would be their weakness in the playoffs. So far, James Paxton and Masahiro Tanaka have a combined 3.72 ERA, and compared to the Twins starters, this is very good. So maybe something else..?

Bottom of the Order

Most MLB teams tend to put their worst hitters at the bottom of the lineup. Maybe, just maybe, if our pitchers can work through the top of their lineup, then they can get a break at the bottom of the lineup. Well, the bottom consists of 38 homer, clutch hitter, break the game open type Gleyber Torres; 34-homer Gary Sanchez; grand slam hitter and Twin Killer Didi Gregorius; and defensive legend, surprisingly good hitter Gio Urshela. So maybe it is something else.

MLB: ALDS-Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees
Maybe defense is their weakness.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


With these big, strong, bulky Yankees hitters, you could think that maybe sloppiness could be their shortcoming. So far, from what I’ve seen from the Yankees defense, they are always in the right place at the right time. Heck, even 6’7’’, 280 pound Aaron Judge made two diving catches in Game 1, leaving his uniform more green than white. TWO DIVING CATCHES! Let’s find something else.


Maybe the huge, strong Yankees hitters are actually bad at barreling ‘em up. Yeah. Maybe that’s it. *checks Baseball Reference* Oh wow. 306 homers!?! That’s one away from the Twins! How the heck is that possible?! These darn sorcerers. Maybe we can find the key somewhere else.


After spending so much money on furnishing their lineup and pitching staff, they can’t possibly have a good bullpen. Oh. Wait one second. The reason why their starters were cut short was because of the quality of their ‘pen. This is crazy. At this point, I’m wondering if the Yankees hacked logic. Every team has a weakness, right? RIGHT?

Recovering from injuries

Hmmm. Maybe we could injure them. Then maybe they would be weakened. Oh. Turns out that Judge and Stanton were injured for the majority of the year. They still got 103 wins. How is that possible!?! With their two stars injured, they still had 100+ wins?!? Rigged.

Not having La Tortuga on their team

This must be it. They have everything else except the legendary fan-favorite that the Twins boast. The Swiss Army Knife, never-strike-out, fan favorite, in fact, has not turned to the Empire yet. *checks postseason roster* Welp. Ok. I know. The Yankees used mind control to wipe Rocco Baldelli’s memories of the Turtle. HOW IS HE NOT ON THE ROSTER?!?!?

Well, I tried. Tell me in the comments below if you can think of anything else.