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Maybe we need some drama

All the best curses have drama issues

Divisional Series - Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees - Game Two Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

0-15. 0-for-freaking-15. At this point, the Minnesota Twins’ playoff struggles in the 21st century have crossed into “curse” territory. Neither Gardy’s scrappers, Molly’s up-and-comers, or Rocco’s Bomba Squad have been able to win a single playoff contest since George W. Bush’s first term. Once again, the Twins find themselves with their backs against the wall in a Yankees ALDS series. Even under the home limestone, the situation certainly looks grim.

Starting in that same ‘04 postseason where the current hex began, however, a trend has developed: whenever a team shatters a curse, they do it in the most dramatic way possible.


Right now, the Minnesota Twins need a miracle to stay alive and break their own bugaboo both against the Yankees and in the playoffs in general. Fortunately, if recent-ish history is any indication, this is when it’s most likely to happen.