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Monday Morning Minnesota: Down but not out Edition

Really very down.

Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees practice before ALDS Game 3 Photo by Leila Navidi/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Previously on Twinkie Town:

Elsewhere in Twins Territory:

  • Look guys, I want to link fun and happy stuff and be a silly goof but right now all I can really find is how the Twins got destroyed again, just like always, oh boy this sucks, this really needs to stop. Hey did you know the Yankees had a lot of injuries to key players, unlike other teams who certainly did not have injuries to key players? Did you know the Yankees are relentless, unlike...every other baseball team in the history of the sport that’s been in a playoff series?
  • Here’s some Yankee fans being trash so you can feel morally superior.

I hate that I know multiple Yankee fans who are amazing and kind and sweet humans whom I love, because now I can’t flatly despise them as some sort of unhealthy but ultimately (mostly) harmless form of tribal xenophobia.

Around The World in Bases and Balls:

Today’s soundtrack is from Crash Bandicoot 2, my favorite of the Crash Bandicoots. This weekend I learned that I am really bad at Crash Bandicoot how did I ever beat these as a kid?

Have a good’n! I’ll see you at *checks notes* ugh, 7:40 PM? That’s too late for heartbreak.