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Ticket prices reach record high for tonight’s game

How much would you pay for a seat at Target Field?

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Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins

Since 2010, when tracking began, this is the highest average price that Twins tickets have been on the secondary market, according to Seatgeek. Average ticket prices for tonight’s game three of the ALDS are $164, the same price as the NLDS game four taking place between the Nationals and Dodgers. The day game between Houston and Tampa averaged ticket prices of $129, and the NLDS match up of Atlanta and St. Louis saw the lowest average price, of only $96.

If you just want to go to the game, though, you could actually do so at a fairly reasonable cost. The lowest priced seats were going for $76 each. While that is a pretty hefty chunk of change for some folks, it’s not bad considering this is the first playoff game the MLB has played in Minnesota in a decade. This was accurate at two pm central, so your mileage may vary if you are still looking into tickets.

The previous record for ticket prices was set all the way back in 2011, when the Oakland As came to town on April eighth, and tickets averaged $95. Third place goes to a game in 2010 against the White Sox, specifically played on July 17th. Tickets for that game cost an average of $86 on the secondary market.

What do you think Twins fans? Are these reasonable prices for a chance to see the Twins in a playoff game?

Seatgeek sent me all of these stats, and not to be a shill, but if you want tickets to tonight’s game, you could do worse than checking them out.