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The negativity and overreaction post

This is where you get all your bad feelings out

Divisional Series - Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees - Game Two Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Sports has a way to make fans irrationally emotional. The Twins just got swept the friggin Yankees, again, and its upsetting. I get it. I’m a fan too. I yell at my TV sometimes. Maybe you disagree with Rocco Baldelli’s bullpen usage. Maybe you’re just convinced someone on the Twins crossed a witch doctor.

Whatever it is, we don’t want pure, unadultured, negative emotions clouding up the other comment sections, so this is your place to get it all out. Your virtual rubber room of sorts. Feel free to vent here, get it all out, and leave it here. “Twins suck”, “they’ll never win again,” “they didn’t even try,” etc etc. We are all sad, and upset, and processing.

This is our one exception to interpreting pure negativity without any other advancement of the conversation as trolling. This is the only place you can get away with it on this site, and that is the whole reason this post exists. The other site rules do still apply, so no racism/sexism/personal attacks, etc please. This is your outlet for your Twins anger. Lets keep the rest of the site intelligent and erudite.

Don’t read the comments in here if you want to feel good. I warned you.