Scenes from an off-season Part I: Pavstache meets Dobstache

It was a cool autumn morning in Minneapolis. Pavstache had decided to visit his old stomping grounds for a while. It had been 7 years since he had last visited. None of the major restaurants or stores were open yet, but the streets were busy with people heading to their places of work.

Pavstache wandered down Hennepin, up Nicollet, on over to 1st Ave and finally arrived at Target Field Plaza. It had already changed so much since he had last been here. The Gate 34 Experience spilling out near the skyway between the parking ramp and Target Center. Huberts closed as there wasn't a game of any kind going on right now. Pavstache walked up to the gates and looked into the field remembering the good times he had as a Minnesota Twin.

Finally, he had enough reminiscing. He decided to head back to his hotel, but that was all the way in Bloomington. He didn't feel like taking the light rail, it would likely be too crowded this time of day with all the people heading in and out of downtown for work. He took out his phone, clicked on his Uber app and waited patiently for his driver.

As the car pulled up, he noticed something peculiar. The driver didn't appear to look like a normal person. Pavstache figured it was probably just a trick of the morning sun, the light bouncing off the buildings and windshield and shadows. He opened the door, not paying much more attention to the driver and got in. The driver asked, "where to?" and Pavstache nonchalantly replied, "The Radisson Blu in Bloomington".

As Pavstache looked up from his phone toward the driver, he saw what must have been the most glorious sight he had ever seen. He confirmed it when he looked into the rear-view mirror to see the reflection of the driver staring back at him. Pavstache was in awe and was completely silent for a moment, then asked, "who are you? You're beautiful!"

The driver giggled and replied, "Name's Dobstache. You actually look familiar yourself. What's your name?" Pavstache replied, "Pavstache. I used to pitch for the Twins a few years back..."

Dobstache laughed again. "No kidding? I'm a Twins pitcher myself!"

Pavestache was beside himself. "If you're a Twins pitcher, why are you driving an Uber?"

Dobstache smirked, "well, I started driving while I was in the minors. You know what the pay is like. Gotta make ends meet and all. As luck would have it, the Twins took me into the minors in 2017, I worked my way up a little bit, but then I went from Ft. Myers to Pensacola to Rochester and onto the Twins all this past year. Started in High A and, bam.... Majors! So, here I am in Minneapolis, since the team gave me a shot!"

Pavstache was still agape, "but that doesn't answer, why are you still driving an Uber if you're in the majors?"

Dobstache stated, "Oh, right. Well, I don't know how long this will last. I only got like 30 innings of pitching in. And while that money is great, I may never get it again. Besides, I have a 4.99 rating! Gotta keep that thing up!"

Pavstache laughed as the tension broke for him. Then he asked, "Would you want to grab breakfast with an old Twins pitcher?"

To Be Continued.....