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Twins announce new all-Kasota gold uniform

If you loved the all-powder blue unis, you’ll LOVE these!

Brad Radke, Minnesota Twins Getty Images

With Nike taking over the uniform responsibilities for Major League Baseball, a number of teams have announced new uniforms, whether it be an alternate or an addition to the standard uniform rotation. Minnesota Twins fans got to experience one those announcements this past week as the team revealed that the powder blues from the ‘70s and ‘80s are back as an alternate both at Target Field and on the road. In addition, the Twins announced today that they have added a new uniform set to the main rotation: all-Kasota gold uniforms that will replace the home whites that everyone hates so much.

“We got some great feedback from our fans,” said Dave St Peter, president of the Minnesota Twins, “and we heard that they really missed the pinstripe uniforms that we ditched a few years ago.” St Peter grabbed at a sheet that was covering a mannequin on stage to reveal the new uniform.

“Don’t they look snazzy?” asked St Peter. “We also heard that everyone loves the Kasota gold color that we incorporated starting in 2015, so we though that would be a great, solid color to have with the pinstripe theme.” St Peter went on to say that the hat that would be paired with this uniform would be the old-school lowercase “m” hat with the “m” outlined in the “beloved” Kasota gold.

“At first, the league office said that these were hideous, but we insisted that this is what the fans wanted,” commented Jim Pohlad, owner of the team. “We really think these will fly off the shelves. We have the go-ahead to wear these exclusively at Target Field.”

The uniform bears some resemblance to the former white home uniforms the Twins wore. “Twins” will be on the front of the jersey in navy blue, outlined in red, and shadowed with gray. The player’s name on the back will be the same - minus the gray shadow - while the number will be red and outlined in navy blue while shadowed in gray. The pants will be the resemble the tops - a Kasota gold base with navy blue pinstripes.

Cory Provus, play-by-play for the Treasure Island Baseball Network, said, “I don’t know how I’m going to describe these on the air.”

Bert Blyleven, who has had his time cut down as the color analyst for FOX Sports North, said that if he were asked to wear them, he’d probably cut them up à la Chris Sale.

Our Twinkie Town staff also had some colorful opinions about the new uniforms. Managing editor TJ Gorsegner said, “I’d say this is the worst uniform ever - but hey, at least it has stirrups,” while staff writer TeamCrazyMatt commented, “I hope they aren’t using the color for the jockstraps.”

Greta speculated on how the uniforms were created: “It looks like they used a white uniform to clean dishes that were stained by curry.”

Senior writer SooFoo Fan put it simply, saying, “Needs more Nike logos,” and our draft and minor-league guru Kyle Edelbrock opined, “Looks like a can of caffeine-free Pepsi.”

Writer Jonathan Gamble compared it to a familiar brand in Twins Territory: “It looks like the Carhartt version of regular Twins jerseys.”

There’s no word yet on when these new uniforms will be available for sale.