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Monday Morning Minnesota: The Twins should(?!) sign Edwin Encarnación

or Tawny pretends to be a real baseball writer for 30 minutes.

League Championship Series - New York Yankees v Houston Astros - Game Six Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Monday Morning Minipiece: A Legitimate and Real Call For the Twins to Sign Edwin Encarnación

Recently the Yankees declined the 20mm option on on DH/Kinda-maybe 1B Edwin Encarnación. The 37 year old hit well last year, slashing .244/.344/.531 with 34 entire dingeroos. While a sudden collapse is always a fear with baseball-olds, The Evil Empire's letting him go has more to do with their desire to drop under the luxury tax threshold. It isn't likely ol’ Parrot Shoulder will swashbuckle his way into any sort of long term contract or anything more than the 14.3mm contract the Twins own Nelson Cruz nabbed last winter, so while he won't be the cheapest thing around, he won't be prohibitively expensive.

Even with 2019's Firstest of Basemen C.J Cron being a (an?) DFA candidate (according to MLBTR's offseason outlook for the Twins, which is reccomended reading.) you probably don't want Edwin manning first on any regular basis. He's also no Boomstick. I consider this all to be trivial.

“But where will he play, Tawny?” I imagine you asking yourselves. Haha, you idiots, who said anything about paying him to PLAY for the team. What I suggest is paying him specifically to NOT play for 29 other teams. Stay with me here, it is exactly as dumb as it first sounds but let’s roll with it for a second.

I added up the WPA (Win Probability Added, primer on the stat here if you need it) of each of Encarnación’s 9 games against the Twims in 2019 for a total of 0.634. Wow! That’s actually not that amazing, as its hard to make 9 games actually matter, but let’s not put an end to my dumb idea that I wanted to give like 7 paragraphs too anyway just yet. Because that would be a weird place to stop this.

The requirement here is to have more value being rostered than the otherwise 25th 26th man. While there isn’t actually a designated 26th man on a roster, we can make some pretty good guesses on who that honorable title most fit last year. Someone like Jake Cave or Willians Astudillo would be the odd man out on the position player side, or the team could forgo a reliever like Matt Magill, which the Twins actually already did, but he seemed like a good choice for 26th man tier relief. The season WPA scores for said trio in 2019 were -0.02, -0.01, and 0.0 respectively. Thus paying Edwin Encarnación to sit on the bench and literally never play is a net gain for the Twins.

Does any of this “analysis” actually mean anything? No. Was this a completely pointless exercise? Yes! Should I have kept this one up in the brain bin and never let it see the light of day? Oh, for sure!

I regret nothing. HEY LOOK LINKS.

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