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What is next for the Twins this offseason?

Cole, Strasburg, Wheeler, Bumgarner, Ryu, and Keuchel are gone. Now what?

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Merry early Christmas! This year the Twins got you zero of the five or six top free agent starters that so many of us had our sights set on. I am definitely one of the more optimistic fans (at least I think so), and now it is simply time to move on to plan B to make the team better. Cole and Strasburg were never going to come here, Bumgarner and Wheeler had personal reasons for their decision, so Ryu was the only one they could’ve truly gone for. Yesterday night the Blue Jays signed him for 4 years/$80 million. I probably would have done that, but it is time to look for what is next.

Josh Donaldson

This is something that the Twins need to push for. They have already made a four year offer and Donaldson is waiting to see if Atlanta will go to four years as well. If they do go to four, the Twins will likely lose out on Donaldson, which would be a fairly large miss. The thing is, the Braves have not gone to four yet so the Twins have a chance, and they appear to be taking it. This is something that would push the Twins elite lineup and mediocre defense to a whole new level. Give him the money and move Miguel Sano to first base.

Sign a number five starter like Alex Wood or Homer Bailey.

This isn’t the flashy move they will still need to make, but the Twins should definitely sign someone to fill out the rotation. There are still quite a few players like Wood or Bailey available and the Twins should get it done. They will already be starting the season with one internal player like Dobnak or Thorpe in the rotation due to the Pineda suspension so they should sign someone like Wood to avoid having two internal options in the rotation right away.

Trade for the impact arm they need.

The Twins will make a trade for a number two type starting pitcher. Some optoins they have include David Price, Robbie Ray, Matthew Boyd, Mike Clevinger, Sandy Alcantara, and Chris Archer among many more. The farm system for the Twins is one of the best in baseball and the upside with trading is that players can’t say no because they have horses in Arizona (I’m looking at you, Mad Bum).

The Twins have been linked to the Marlins, who have Sandy Alcantara headlining an interesting group of starting pitchers. The names from the Twins linked to Miami were Eddie Rosario and Jake Cave, although it would cost more than just one of them to acquire a starter. They were also connected to David Price rumors. The Red Sox want to dump salary and Price is owed roughly $66 million over the next three seasons.

The off season is not over.

I would recommend waiting until March to criticize this front office, but it is understandable why fans are upset. They were basically promised an impact starter and did not land one in free agency. I think they will definitely land someone who is as good or better than Jake Odorizzi by March. If they don’t, then I will criticize the front office for it.

The front office is not stupid. The Pohlad family is willing to spend, as was proven by their offer to Wheeler and rumored offer to Donaldson. Falvey and Levine have turned this from a 100 loss team to a 100 win team in about three seasons, so I am very confident they will make the right moves to improve this team for 2020.

Key takeaways:

  • Go all in on Josh Donaldson. Do what it takes because he can improve a shaky infield defense and an already elite lineup.
  • Sign a starting pitcher to fill out the bottom of the rotation.
  • The Twins have an excellent farm system and an obvious need for starting pitching. It only makes sense we will see a big trade before the season.
  • Be patient. This front office is one of the best in the game.
  • Don’t kill me in the comment section.