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Monday Morning Minnesota: Magical Fantasy Adventure Edition

And how to crush all of your enemies except the ones that matter.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Previously on Twinkie Town:

Elsewhere in Twins Territory:

Some Tweets that I’m Putting Here Instead of Real Links, Wow:

  • Twin were in on pitcher Jordan Lyles, but as is often the case were not the guy’s final choice.
  • Cool Dude Sergio Romo is nearing a decision, and while nothing indicated it will be with the Twins, nothing indicated it for sure won’t be. So, uh, yeah.

Around the World in Bases and Balls:

Today’s soundtrack is Donkey Kong Country, because someone restored its soundtrack to studio quality and I am digging it pretty hard. Nothing scream studio quality like an embedded youtube video!