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Monday Morning Minnesota: Pinch Hitter Edition

In which hitters are pinched and I try to amuse you.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Just like in middle school when there was a substitute teacher, and everyone got to slack off for the day, you have a substitute TJ today, so feel free to stop reading here. I’ve already got your click anyway.

  • Did you remember that pitchers and catchers report this week? I did, but I’m a giant nerd. It’s a fact though, the times for balls to be based and pitches to be pitched and suchforth is rapidly arriving! Betsy Helfand covered the top five things to know before Spring Training. I know baseball is back though! By the way, you get the Duluth News-Tribune version, because I’m already out of articles at the Pioneer Press for this month.
  • Do-Hyoung Park looks at the potential role the Twins could put Fernando Romero in this season. While Romero has always been a starter, he could move to the bullpen. Hey, it worked for Johan Santana, I guess. On a related note, I still get Do-Hyoung Park and Byung-Ho Park a little mixed up. It doesn’t help that if you take some letters out of one of the names, it spells “Dong,” which is what the other guy was known for hitting.
  • Randball’s Stu landed a new weekly gig over at Twins Daily. If you’re one of the three people who read this site but not that one, click the link already! It’s classic Stu, in which Derek Falvey is destroying the hopes and dreams of Twins Fans a child.
  • In the “Monday Morning Timewasters” department, here is a quiz on odd facts about baseball players. There are a couple Twins-adjacent guys over there like David Ortiz and Jim Thome, and also a question about the love of Tawny’s life Max Kepler. I only got like three right, because I’m a disappointment.

And, this is the part where I find some kind of old-school video game music. The truth is, however, I wasn’t that big of a video game kid. One game I did play a lot of was Dr. Mario, so that’s what you get today. I’m not sorry.