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So you’re telling me there’s a chance: Twins World Series Championship odds are 50:1

Pre-Spring Training gaming odds project the Twins to be a mid-pack finisher

Pete Rose Speaks To Media After Lifetime Ban Upheld
Just don’t let this guy do any gambling...
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Just like it says in the headline, the Twins currently have 50:1 odds to win the World Series, according to betonline, which as the name implies, is a gambling website. There are two other teams who have been given the same odds, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Seattle Mariners.

Betonline currently gives the New York Yankees the best odds, at 6:1, and follows them with two more AL teams; recent World Series winners the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox. The NL team with the best odds is the senior circuit’s most recent representative, the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are featured at 9:1.

There are currently nine teams with worse odds than the Twins, including our AL Central rivals in Detroit and Kansas City, both listed at 150:1. Cleveland is listed at 16:1, which isn’t terribly surprising, but the bookmakers also like the Chicago White Sox better than the Twins, listing them at 33:1 odds. That was probably the biggest shock of the bunch, to me.

The MLB has been taking a softer stance on gambling in recent years, so if you want to throw down a few bucks on the Twins, (or on someone else, in a reverse-jinx attempt) have fun! Unless you play for/coach the Twins. We don’t want a Pete Rose situation on our hands here, that’s just sad!


What do you think of the odds the Twins win the World Series?

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    Seems about right, it’ll take some breaks to get there, but it could happen
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  • 27%
    Too high: no way this team wins a title
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