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FanPost Call: What are your spring training tips and tricks

Share your best ideas for Twins Spring Training!

THE PLAYERS Championship - Round Two Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Pitchers and catchers report in just under a couple weeks, and some of you are finalizing plans for a Spring Training trip of your own...

I know, I know... a serious fanpost call... on Twinkie Town... TJ is already ruining the place! But for real, I don’t know a lot about Ft. Myers or attending spring training. I’m pretty sure some of you do, though, and We would love to have you share with the class!

If you’ve got any life lessons, suggestions, must-do’s, or other pointers for someone attending Twins’ Spring Training, share them in a fanpost!

As an alternate prompt, if you have been to Spring Training, share a story or a memory!

If you want to write something funny or satirical, have at it! I know some of you just can’t help it!

I’ll round up all the responses on Thursday and share it to the front page!