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Twins prospect Nick Gordon was featured on “Old Baseball Cards”

A human look at a Twins’ prospect

Minnesota Twins Photo Day Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

If you’ve never seen Mike Oz’s “Old Baseball Cards” show over at Yahoo Sports, his premise is pretty simple and straightforward. He gets a baseball player (or former baseball player) to sit down on camera, and open a pack of old baseball cards. This leads into some interesting stories and anecdotes.

On this particular episode, he was joined by a father-son combo, and if you haven’t figured out, it was Twins’ prospect Nick Gordon, and his father, long-time MLB Pitcher Tom Gordon. Oz had the younger Gordon opening cards from 2018, while the elder Gordon opened cards from 1988.

The 2018 pack featured some great players, including one whom Tom Gordon thinks Nick has a similar profile to. As a Twin’s fan, I hope Tom Gordon is right about that one.

The 1988 deck was even more interesting, as they drew two players who played for the Twins during their Hall-of-Fame careers. Dave Winfield was one, and the other was a hometown legend, and a man Nick Gordon should know well — Paul Molitor. This lead to a conversation I found very interesting— both Gordons clearly respect Molitor deeply as a person.

Anyway, If you have ten minutes to spare, and an insatiable interest in baseball like me, you just might find the video as interesting as I did.