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Pat Dean returns to the Twins


Minnesota Twins v Oakland Athletics Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Former Minnesota Twin Pat Dean announced on his instagram yesterday that he will be returning to the Minnesota Twins organization.

Dean is a left-handed reliever who spent the last two seasons pitching in the Korean Baseball Organization. Before that he worked his way up the Minnesota Twins system, debuting in the big leagues in 2016. In his one season of MLB experience, he pitched 67 innings for the Twins, with a 6.28 ERA, and a 5.20 FIP. Those numbers aren’t great, but they still represent a small sample size.

Dean did, however, spend three seasons pitching for triple-A Rochester, where he is likely to begin the 2019 season. In those three seasons, He pitched over 300 innings with a 3.50 ERA. If he can do that again, he will likely see some more time with the Twins, and will be an asset to the team if he can bring those numbers to the big leagues, especially because the depth chart for left-handed relievers is still a bit on the thin side.

In case you were wondering, he pitched fairly well in the last two seasons in Korea. His ERA was 4.07, and he notched around 100 innings per season on average.

The best part about this signing, of course, is that it brings back one of the greatest spoonerisms of all time to the Twins. There is also no word on what number Dean will be wearing, as his old number, 64, now belongs to Willians Astudillo.

Further contract details are not available at this time, but will be updated when available.

Welcome back, Pat!