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Burn Box Tony, Saltine Yurt, and Wealth Stork: the 2019 Twins in anagrams

Can you figure out all forty jumbled Twins’ names?

THE PLAYERS Championship - Round Three
This is a stork. It may or may not be the Wealth Stork.
Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

An anagram, in case your memory needs jogging, is a phrase in which the letters can be rearranged to make another word or words. For example, “Ball Crocodile” becomes “Rocco Baldelli” when unscrambled. The Internet Anagram Server was used to create all the anagrams in this post. Here is the entire 40-man roster presented as anagrams, in no particular order. How many can you unscramble?

If you are going to play along in the comments, please use the spoiler tags!

One last caveat: there are no anagrams for “C.J. Cron,” so I had to use his given name, Christopher, instead.

1. Maze Printer

2. Medicinal Heap

3. Genial Sumo

4. Pathless Evensong

5. Goblins Key

6. Talking Craze

7. Zen Squad Waver

8. Wild Tail Allusions

9. Sore Jib Rose

10. Expel Mark

11. Wealth Stork

12. Tacos On Jars

13. Holster Wipe

14. Senator Orderly

15. Barley Amigo

16. Burn Box Tony

17. Arty Mover

18. Nachos Atop John

19. Terrible Verged Horn

20. Oatmeal Jade Rib

21. Germ Rich Vat

22. Hazard In Aerie

23. Rodeo Diaries

24. Cell Zit Talk

25. Lit Malt Mag

26. Elated Woman

27. Jazz Id Rookie

28. Barkeep Lark

29. Ed Lefty Fury

30. Curls On Zen

31. Condor King

32. Ordained Eds

33. Clone Goop Jar

34. Hectors Rich Porn

35. Rotary Oglers

36. Jack A Eve

37. A Rural Size

38. Saltine Yurt

39. Marred Forenoon

40. Claimed Here

Shoutout to Al Yellon at Bleed Cubbie Blue for the inspiration to make this post. Here is the Chicago Cubs version if you want to really test your baseball player knowledge.