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Be the missing part of our voice

Fanposts, fanshots, and comments provide a great chance for you to be heard by other Twins fans

Views From The Skytree Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

It’s been an eventful couple months here at Twinkie Town, and the season hasn’t even started! Beginning with yours truly becoming the Managing Editor, our masthead has seen some whirlwind changes, with the addition of about a half-dozen new writers, and several old faces stepping up to increased roles. We have put together a team I am very proud of, and I’m very excited about the coverage we will be able to bring you this season, but we still have a missing piece — you!

The fanposts are a unique component of the SBNation formula, and are a huge part of what makes Twinkie Town a unique niche on the internet. Most of our frontpage authors have started out by writing fanposts, including yours truly. They provide a great way to put your thoughts out there in a longer format, usually at least a couple hundred words. If you are thinking about something Twins or baseball related, this is the place to put it. Think we are missing something in the advanced stats? Write up your research and let us know! Have a great idea for some Joe Mauer fan fiction? Put it in a fanpost. Make a roadtrip to see a Twins’ game, and want to share your impression? Go for it, you get the idea.

The second unique, and underutilized tool we have is the fanshots. These are designed to share things from around the internet that you think other Twins fans should see. Find a picture, a video, a blog post, or even a Twitter link that should be promoted? Put it in a fan shot, with a brief description, and everyone will be able to see it. Think of it as a Twins-only news feed of sorts.

Good fanposts and fanshots both have a great chance to be promoted to the front page. The more we, as a community, use those tools, the more diligently we will be able to follow and promote them.

The last way to make your voice heard in our community is also the most important. Twinkie Town has always had an active and vibrant comments section. If you aren’t a member, sign up, and you’ll be able to comment in about 24 hours. If you are already a member, log in, and weigh in on the conversation. We can be a quirky bunch, but we are also friendly and welcoming. Once upon a time, I was the new guy. So was every other writer, commenter, and member. Don’t be afraid to say hi, stop by a game thread, or let us know just how wrong my Kyle Gibson hot takes are.

For those of you who are already active in the community, I can’t thank you enough for making this place great. You are the reason I’m here, and the reason I strive to bring out the natural greatness of this place.